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My Daddy's Letters - by Paul Douglas Sanner

One of my most cherished songs on my soon to be released album is dedicated to my Dad and Mom, William O. and Minnie Belle Sanner. My parents just recently celebrated 60 years of marriage ~ they have four children and numerous grand and great grand children. My Daddy's Letters shares the unique story of how they met and how our family came to be.

My dad is a Marine (Semper Fi) and he has a Japanese rifle last fired at him off of Okinawa during WWII. He met my mom when he returned home from the war. As it turns out they dated for just 3 months and were married when only 3 weeks later he was shipped back off to war (to Korea) for a whole year. An important way that my parents got to know each other was through their letters back and forth for that year.

God has blessed me with WONDERFUL parents and this song is a tribute to them. But this song is also a tribute to EVERY one of the heros who have volunteered to serve and protect our freedom! So many individuals and families make these kinds of sacrifices every day. God bless them and our amazing country!

My Daddy’s Letters

Found them in my attic as I cleaned the other day
Safe inside a wooden box I’d hidden them away
Pages worn and weathered from the passing of the years
The paper had turned yellow and some ink was stained with tears
As I sat down on the attic floor to read them one more time
Tears began to flow again and my heart began to chime
For a love that spanned a lifetime, the oceans and a war
Recorded there by his loving hands ~ in my Daddy’s letters

She was barely 21 he a young man of 23
They tied the knot in her parent’s home this brings a big smile to me
Fifty seven years later great grand kids on their knees
They’d say it’s just a work in progress but it was meant to be
For just three weeks after they were wed he was sent back off to war
And for twelve long months she pined for him as he fought on a distant shore
Though she’s read his letters daily the strain would take its toll
She’d bide the time and ease some of the pain ~ with my Daddy’s letters

To my darlin’ Minnie that’s how the letters start
Seems to me an eternity that we have been apart
When I make it home to you we’ll raise a family
Five or six rowdy kids sound about right for me
But if somehow I should give my life in this just cause for which I fight
Please know that I love you and everything will be alright
His words were filled with courage there was always hope and cheer
My heart is moved by these words that I read ~ in my Daddy’s letters

Daddy turned 80 just a few months ago
His knees are wearing on him so he hobbles some as he goes
But everywhere I see him I see mama by his side
They make a cute couple and their love fills me with pride
Daddy still writes letters to mama most every day
Words not with pen or ink in an ordinary letter way
He’ll take her hand give her a hug and say I love you dear
I thank you Lord for these words that I read ~ in my Daddy’s letters.

Found them in my attic as I cleaned the other day